SharePoint Connect 2014

SharePoint Connect 2014 header image

The SharePoint Connect is almost there and will be for the 6th time! Wrapping up the final slides for the deck I took a moment to glance at the agenda and there are so many awesome speakers. You should definitely not miss the event! You can find all the sessions at the SharePoint Connect 2014 site, as well as the agenda.  

As I will be speaking on Providing search intents for your SharePoint 2013 search with Apps. We will leverage the App Model and extend the search experience provided by SharePoint 2013. I will be presenting the first day just after Mikael Svenson doing a session on SharePoint Search Queries Explained. As all of the app logic rely heavily on the use of query rules I strongly suggest that you checkout the session by Mikael and make sure you know all about query rules before attending my session.

You should register now for SharePoint Connect 2014 if you haven’t already and I hope to see you all there!

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