Slidedeck for Search Intents with Apps from SPCon14 available

With the SPCon14 hitting the second and last day it’s time to post the slidedeck. I had great fun presenting on this awesome event. In my session we looked at using the new Application Model and how you can leverage that into the search experience. By leveraging the new Application Model and SharePoint Search we can build apps that provide search intents. By providing these type of functionalities to the SharePoint Search interface you can help your users to ask user friendly questions and be provided with meaningful results.

As we did relay heavily on query rules in all demo’s in order to get apps inserted. I can realy recommend the SharePoint Search Queries Explained series by Mikael Svenson. Especially the Query Rules – The basics post that explains almost everything you need to know about those query rules.

You can download the slides from Slideshare

During my session I had the opportunity do some really cool demo’s that you can expect to be blogged about over the upcoming weeks.

And of course you can expect all slidedecks to be shared on the SPCon14 website.