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Ghosting and Solutions

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Ever spend time trying to figure out why your nice and shiny solution file didn't

return any errors but still isn't showing the changes you made to your masterpage

or pagelayout? Last week i actually spend way to much time doing that, due to the

fact that someone uploaded his masterpage to the masterpage gallery, without using

the solution; thus wrecking my solution since SharePoint sets a little marker to that

page, telling it that its ‘ghosted’.

Now without diving into the whole dark ghosted matter, all i would say about that

is; it made me sad. Nice solutions that wouldn’t work because of a damn marker.

Luckily for me Gary Lapointe made me happy again with his nice stsadm extensions (download).

They provide a nice and clean way to fix the above explained issue (he explains it

himself on this post).

Short explanation of what it does:

– you can easily check files for being ghosted / or not

– you can reset files / sites / web apps to be sure they all use the version that

is on the file system, rather then using a ghosted version

The trick i used most a plain and simple:

**stsadm –o gl-reghostfile -url http://localhost –scope

WebApplication -force**

That will run trough a complete site trying to reset all found files that are ghosted.

I did that after a pushed my solutions and as excepted i found myself using the correct

master pages, showing my fixes.

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