Windows 7 and Virtual Machines

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So since a week I changed from Windows Vista 32bit to a nice clean install of Windows

7 64bit, assuring myself to fully use the 4gb ram I have in this laptop, and of course

switching means reinstalling all software. That brought me to the point where I decided

to install the Windows
Virtual PC Beta
(and the XP mode of course).

Everything seamed to went smooth, and all my VHD’s where working as they should be

(except for the fact that I spend an hour finding my way around the new interface,

but its actually improved). However, it wouldn’t be a post worth posting if I encountered

some sort of error. One of my colleagues spend a few of his rare spare  hours

improving your existing VHD template, and since all developers kept complaining about

the lack of storage he made it an dynamically expanding disk with a total of 172GB

of space.

In the ‘old’ VPC it all worked fine, yet in the new version we got an error, telling

me to check parameters just leaving me the option “ok” and after clicking that deleting

the settings file.

First thing that came to mind was to check read/write access to the file and setting

security permissions, but both didn't work. Then we tried to shrink the volume back

to a total of 32gb, however that didn't work either.

Ending up we found a solution in creating a new ‘blank’ VHD’s, using Northon Ghost

to Copy the contents of our template to a new blank VHD, (a dynamically expanding

32gb sized disk).

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