European Office365 Connect Applification

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As pointed out a while ago I will be doing a session on the European Office365 Connect. In this session I will be focusing on SharePoint Online Applification, or in other words what can apps do for your Office 365 implementation regarding SharePoint. In this session there will be two main topics. The first one will be pretty straight forwards, building basics apps that enhance your SharePoint environment. In a few slides you will get the hang of what building an app like that will take. As there will be plenty of sessions on building your own apps it will be just a basic intro though.

The other topic will be about apps in a somewhat bigger context. You can use apps to automate tasks in your SharePoint Online environment. As code in sandboxed solutions is deprecated you should use apps to automate steps that are not available out of the box in the PowerShell commands for O365. Luckily sandboxed solutions themselves are not deprecated as long as you stick to declarative ones. Now imagine that you can extend declarative solutions with the power of apps.

So if you are thinking about deploying stuff to SharePoint Online and you want to get rid of all the click work that can’t be done declarative you should come and visit my session. Topics like deploying apps with tenant permissions, and accessing data in different site collections from within one app will most certainly come up and there will be plenty of demos on how you can achieve that. 

You can register here at the Office 365 Connect site and use GB236 if you were too late to use the super early bid code. And if there is anything you think should be demoed in this session just let me know (in time) and I will try to put it in the slides!

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