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Speaking at European Office365 Connect on the App Model

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I am proud to be part of the European Office365 Connect by speaking about Applification in Office365. This event will take place at the 28th and 29th of January in Amsterdam. As you can see on the agenda, there are already a lot of cool sessions on all kinds of Office365 coolness. And not only for devs or power users, but also for end-users.

In my session I will focus on Application for Office 65: What means the new App Model for developers, and what does deprecated means for sandboxed solutions. Since there are still things we cannot (or should not) use the App Model for sandboxed solutions might look like a viable choice, but are they? We will look into the limitations the App Model has, and what the different types of apps are you can develop using the App Model. Besides that we will look into building apps with Access, since with the introduction of the new Access Apps you can work with large datasets pretty quick, but is it feasible to use it for production grade applications or should it be only used for rapid prototyping?

So there will be a storm of cool Office365 content, and lots of hands on information on how to crank up your Office365 environment.

And last, if you are not already part of the Dutch Office 365 Yammer group, you should do join that network (it is in Dutch of course), but it contains a nice post on how you can get an extra 25% discount on the super early bid price, allowing you to visit this event for a bargain.

Hope to see you there!

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