Faceted Search and 300 item limit

Before releasing the next post about search another small blog with a nice tip. As
we use the Faceted Search in a few
of our search solutions we found a small bug. If you have more than 300 search items,
the facets ‘stop’ counting displaying a maximal calculated total of 300 items. So
even if  your search says that the estimate is around +1000 results.

It made me wonder where it went wrong, so checking all settings I couldn’t find a
300 max in the properties of the facets. So there for I made a nice post on the Faceted
Search Forms
, where nvasave pointed
me to the good direction.

Under Data Settings there is a property Select Columns for Facets, I had an value
of 500 columns, changing that to 3000 displayed correct results for me (not that I
know why it would display 300 items while getting 500 columns, but still it’s an solution).

And I am aware of the fact that in the 3.0 alpha version it is fixed, but you cannot
always run alpha versions in production environments.

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