Good to Great: Building CoPilot Studio Plugins

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The European Power Platform Conference will be 11-13 JUNE 2024. It will be held at SQUARE, BRUSSELS and I will be speaking about: Good to Great: Building CoPilot Studio Plugins a level 200 session.

What exactly are CoPilot Studio Plugins, you may ask? These plugins offer the power to seamlessly integrate your own systems and data directly into CoPilot Studio, without the need to construct traditional conversational flows. It’s a pathway to effortlessly leverage the capabilities of Large Language Models and Action Based Implementations of Large Language Models (Large Action Models). Whether you’re a seasoned developer or new to the concept, this session promises a practical overview to kickstart your journey.

One of the key advantages of attending this session is gaining insights into the inner workings of CoPilot Studio Plugins. You’ll uncover the mechanics behind how these plugins function and the pivotal role they play in enhancing your development environment. Additionally, we’ll equip you with the essential tools required to embark on your plugin-building endeavors.

Furthermore, we’ll explore the seamless integration of CoPilot Studio Plugins within the Microsoft 365 stack and other Azure AI tools. This integration opens doors to a plethora of possibilities, enabling you to harness the full potential of your development ecosystem.

By the end of this session, you’ll walk away with a comprehensive understanding of:

  • How do CoPilot Studio Plugins work
  • What tools are required to build Plugins
  • How integrate CoPilot Studio Plugins with your API and systems

In essence, this session is a must-attend for developers eager to elevate their development experience and unlock the full potential of CoPilot Studio within their organization. Join us as we embark on a journey to transform your coding landscape with the power of CoPilot Studio Plugins.

You can read all about my session Good to Great: Building CoPilot Studio Plugins. Hope to see you there 👋! Register to join me at SQUARE, BRUSSELS!

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