DIWUG magazine – Migrating InfoPath forms to Office 365 with Azure API Management

The new DIWUG SharePoint e-Magazine just got released! The 15th edition of the free SharePoint magazine contains some pretty cool articles and I am proud that one of them is mine. I had the opportunity to do a write-up on the options you have when migrating scenario’s that include InfoPath forms.

Even though the end of life is announced for InfoPath it is still part of Office 365 today. When migrating to the cloud you might end up having to decide on how to migrate existing forms to Office 365. Faced with this decision you have the option to migrate these forms to Office 365 as is, or to rebuild the form logic using another technique than InfoPath. When migrating the forms as they are and keep using InfoPath there might be some limitations within Office 365 that will have to be aware of.

In this article I will describe on how Azure API management can help you out. We take a look at the key components that needs to be setup. To have a secure configuration where forms can talk to back-end systems either on-premises or in the cloud) Azure API Management could be the key. Azure API management allows you to keep the existing InfoPath forms and with a minimal amount of effort have them working in a cloud scenario!

Read all about it in the latest version of the DIWUG SharePoint eMagazine!

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