Holidays 2020

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I usually do not blog about personal stuff. Yet I do blog to capture my own lessons learned. So, after reflecting on my holiday it felt like I should capture some lessons from that as well. I did not take time of for quite a while as I really love the work I do, but given the amount of days I had left and the whole Covid-19 situation I took two weeks off.


Reading up on Hyperfocus by Chris Bailey I decided to remove almost all apps from my phone. Both e-mail and teams and all other work-related apps as well as Facebook. I kept twitter and LinkedIn and managed to bring down my average phone use from 4 hours a day to 2. Where most of that time was during an hour fitness a day to keep track of exercises. I turned off my notification’s years ago but having no apps to switch to really helped with the holiday feelings. I even liked it that much that I decided to not re-install teams and mail to the phone and disabled my FB account.


I spend most of the evenings reading and loved it! I unplugged the TV and did not spend any time watching. I did reed quite a few books most of them fiction just to get my mind of work. Anytime I did produce an idea I added it to my task list. Resulting in 25 new blog ideas and 20 other tasks. I did manage to read some work-related stuff but tried to keep that down. However, I did love the following articles:

Next year

As a reminder to next year I really do hope that I can keep most of my work-related apps from my phone and stay this focused. Now up to some awesome work the next few weeks!

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