Updates Mavention Birthdays and Mavention Anniversaries

Updates Mavention Birthdays and Mavention Anniversaries header image

With the Mavention Birthdays and Mavention Anniversaries update released last month we introduced presence information as well as some other minor updates. As those updates got rolled out at other tenants we got some great feedback on how we could improve the apps even more. So based on that feedback we just released another set of updates that got pushed to the Office Store. These updates contain some small improvement to both apps.

The Mavention Birthdays got a fix to prevent issues with time zones and the birthday date information. This ensures that when the birthday states ‘today’ it is actually today taking into account the time zone issues. As the previous version sometimes showed today even though the birthday wouldn’t be until 24 hours later.

The Mavention Anniversaries got some style updated making it look a bit better and got improved sorting. By sorting the anniversaries by their date, something that cannot be done by default with search, it is now possible to distinct between passed anniversaries and upcoming ones. By displaying the passed anniversaries slightly more gray users are made aware of the fact that the anniversaries has passed, though still providing the opportunity to congratulate their colleagues with the milestone. All functionality that is provided by the presence information like the Lync integration will be working as intended even though the anniversary date has been passed, as the gray style is only cosmetic. Presence information itself is not grayed out and will reflect the correct status color.

Mavention Anniversaries corrected sorting

The latest versions of the Apps can be found in the Office Store as usually. You can find the Mavention Anniversaries in the Office Store as well as you can find the Mavention Birthdays in the Office Store, or checkout all Apps by Mavention.

And like pointed out before, you could use the Mavention Profile Completeness to encourage users to keep their profile up-to-date, and show your users the latest birthday or anniversary information.

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