Update of Mavention Profile Completeness in the Office Store

We just released a new update on the Mavention Profile Completeness app. In this new version it it is now possible to configure the app part so that it will show display names for properties instead of internal names. By displaying the display name of a property it is easier for users to update their profile, as the edit profile page will also show the display values.

As this new update introduces some extra configuration options there has been a slight way to configure the App Part. Unfortunately it is not possible to retrieve the display names from a user profile. So in order to present users with these values we made it a configuration setting. You can now configure the App by using the the internal name, the display name and the weight of the property. The configured display name is used only to render in the app, so it is not required to have the same display value in the app as in your User Profile Service Application. However it is recommended as users can get confused if the display value differs from what they will see on their profile page. 

Within the configuration of the App Part it will now be possible to pass the display name in the following format:

SampleProperty (internal name),A simple sample (display name) , 1(weight);

In a real life scenario it will look like:

FirstName,First name,2;LastName,Last name,1

If you already have a version of the Mavention Profile Completeness installed, all you need to do is update the app or apps and re-configure the App Part. You can find a short description on updating an app on MSDN How to: Update apps for SharePoint. If you install a new version there is no extra configuration needed. As the App Part now supports display names for the configured properties only updating the app will not be sufficient. The previous format that was used to configure the properties is no longer supported and the version of the App Part will not render any information. 

You can find the Mavention Profile Completeness in the Office Store or checkout all Apps by Mavention.