Tired of waiting for membership updates on your devmachine?

Building code that retrieves memberships
most of us will do by using the Publishedlinksservice that returns all the memberships.
However normally those memberships only update every hour, so if you have a development
machine and you want to test code (or check whether the memberships actually get updated),
you are stuck waiting. Sadly you cannot force an update on the timer job that syncs
those memberships; luckily you can speed up things, the STSADM sync operation allows
you to set the time it takes between syncing.  So
the next command will force the timer job to sync every minute:  

stsadm -o sync –SyncTiming M:1

This might cause some load, but
on my development machine I don’t really care about that, as long as I can see results.
And of course you can set it back to its original 60 minutes afterwards.

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