TechDaysNL 2016 Working with the Groups slides available

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During the TechDaysNL edition 2016 this week I had the opportunity to present both with Waldek and alone. As promised I did share the slides of my previous sessions already. In this post you can find the slides for working with Office Groups. It was another great day with a great crowd. The session was packed and quite a few attendees even started out the morning at 08:00. All in all I did have another great day and it still amazes me how large the community around Office 365 is.

Working with the Office 365 Groups

Learn how to work with Office 365 groups and build applications that leverage the power of groups! In a demo packet session, we will look at the technical options to work with Office 365 groups. The latest and greatest in web technology will be shown to extend and leverage Office 365 in any application.

Session on

After a short introduction on Office 365 Groups we did explore the opportunities for administrators and developers using PowerShell. We then moved on to a demo on connectors and working with the Microsoft Graph. Working with connectors is a great way to start and spark conversations in a office group based on external triggers. Having the option to build your own connectors is rather easy if you know the webhook pattern. Constructing a JSON object and posting is as easy as it gets. Working with the Microsoft Graph itself turned out to be easy as well, though there are a few quirks that you need to keep in mind.

I had another great day at the TechDaysNL and am very happy that I had the opportunity to present both days. If you happen to have any question or are looking for extra input to start working with Office Groups just drop me a line!

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