TechDaysNL 2016 Microsoft Graph & Office Add-ins slides available

TechDaysNL 2016 Microsoft Graph & Office Add-ins slides available header image

Today Waldek and I had the opportunity to present our sessions at the first day of the TechDaysNL. Like Waldek already blog about our focus was about Office Platform Development. We had quite a bit of fun prepping our sessions and demo’s. Luckily we did not have any demo problems and are both pretty happy with the result. The TechDays turned out to be well organized and there was a great turnout for the event and our sessions.

Office add-ins from 0-60

Using Office web add-ins developers can extend capabilities of Office applications on all platforms. In this session you will learn how to build Office add-ins on any platform and connect them to Office 365.

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In a intro level session we explained the options for building office add-ins. Using Yo Office and an Angular add-in we created several demo’s that retrieved both data and Office information as e-mail content or document information. Having the option to build an add-in on any platform speeds up the development process tremendously. We strived to hand out as much as possible tips and tricks to help you start building your first add-in.

Microsoft Graph API deep-dive

Microsoft Graph is the API to get information and data from the Microsoft productivity cloud. In this session you will learn how to effectively use it to build powerful business solutions.

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Retrieving data from all across the Office 365 platform could be tricky until the Microsoft Graph came along. In a more deep dive technical session we walked through the use of the Microsoft Graph. We had a look at how to build your first web app using angular and wire it up to use the graph as well. Yet the fun part started with querying for some more complex stuff. While the slides does not contain the samples as it was a real life demo Waldek did already blog about it. Working with binary data and the Graph and working with images and the Graph.

Both Waldek and I had great fun presenting! It is cool to see how many enthusiastic developers are working with Office 365. It is even cooler to share all the cool stuff you can do with it!

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