SPSBE Slides Available – Leverage the power of groups

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Last Saturday I had the luck to be present at the SharePoint Saturday Belgium, the SPSBE. Besides a host of awesome sessions and content I was lucky enough to do a session as well. It was one of the best SharePoint Saturdays that I have attended so I can only say I had an awesome time! As usual they handed out some pretty nice speaker gifts: special brewed Belgium beer! During the event I also had the opportunity to catch up on some sessions my self and saw some great delivery of content.

Leverage the power of groups

Learn how to work with Office 365 groups and build applications that leverage the power of groups! In a demo packet session, we will look at the technical options to work with Office 365 groups. All development options to extend and leverage Office 365 in any application will be presented!

It was my second time that I could do a session on Office 365 Groups and after the Ignite 2016 they became even more powerful. Using the Microsoft Graph to query information in groups and to extend them makes them even handier as they already are. It is good to see that basic concepts around angular (or other frameworks) are slowly settling in the community and that we can more and more focus on actual apps that use these frameworks.

Thanks again towards the whole BIWUG team for hosting an awesome event and having me present! Till next year (or the next event),

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