Speaking at the SPSNL2014

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In a few weeks there will the SharePoint Saturday NL 2014 will be held at Hotel Vianen in Vianen. On May the 24th there will be a full day of SharePoint goodness. Last year I had the opportunity to do a session on the new App Model with Napa. This year it will be even better, I will do a session with Waldek Mastykarz on Leveraging the new Application Model for structured and repeatable deployments. With SharePoint 2013 Microsoft released a new application model which is not only the recommended way for building future proof customizations but for leveraging structured and repeatable deployment as well. In this demo-heavy session we will walk through common deployment scenarios and see how they fit into the new application model. In this session you will learn how to move away from a FTC-only mindset and make a better use of the new application model. As both Waldek and I are pretty enthusiast about the capabilities of the app model we will try to do as many demo’s as the time permits us to show all the cool stuff. 

You can find a list of all sessions and speakers at the SPSNL2014 site. As you can see there will be a lot of cool sessions and the speaker lineup will be great. Looks like it is going to be a great SPSNL, the only downside is that the event is already fully booked. If you haven’t booked yet you can put yourself on the waiting list though.

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