Speaking at SPSHelsinki 2017 about Office 365 Groups

Speaking at SPSHelsinki 2017 about Office 365 Groups header image

Upcoming March the second SPSHelsinki will be held. On March 25th 2017 it will take place at Microsoft Flux venue in Helsinki, and I am proud that I will have the opportunity to deliver a session. It promises to be another great event with loads of great speakers. Last year I couldn’t make it, but we are off to a great start this year. It is the second great SharePoint Saturday this year (Munich is the first on March 4th). Looks like it is going to be a great conference year!

Working with the Office 365 Groups

Ever wondered how groups, teams and planner are hooked together? Thinking about leveraging it in your web apps or add-ins? Get up to speed on what is possible for extending groups by using the Microsoft Graph and other available blocks and components. Get the insights you require to get up to speed and work with Groups. In this session you will see how to develop with Office 365 groups and build applications that leverage the power of these groups! It will be a demo-packed session. Different approaches and techniques will be shared and as a developer you will learn what is possible and what not. Making sure that you can quickly incorporate groups into your applications.

You can find all sessions on the SPS Events site, as well as getting your your tickets,. Make sure to hurry as the first tickets went really fast! you there?

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