Speaking at SEF 2016

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I am honored to have the opportunity to speak at the SEF Unity Connect this year. Upcoming October I will be in Stockholm to deliver two sessions at the SEF Unity Connect. The first session will be all about building Add-ins for Office using the Modern Web Techniques. With a focus on Microsoft Graph and document interactions using OfficeJS it will be a great start to get up to speed. The other sessions will focus on working with Office 365 Groups from a developer perspective.

Building Your First Office Add-In

Learn how to build your first Office Add-in using modern web techniques. Microsoft released a whole lot of new guidance on building Office Add-ins. But how to use them? And what platforms are available? In this session, we will go from 0-to-60 and learn all the basics on how to build your very first Office Add-in. All so you integrate any solution into the Office suite!

Leverage the Power of Groups

Learn how to work with Office 365 groups and build applications that leverage the power of groups! In a demo-packed session, we will look at the technical options to work with Office 365 groups. All development options to extend and leverage Office 365 in any application will be presented!

SEF Unity Connect is more than just breakout sessions—take advantage of the many opportunities to connect one-on-one with your peers, our experts, and third-party solution and service providers to get solutions to your biggest pain points. And the conference isn’t complete without its unique social activities, including the party where you can connect one-on-one with our experts, your colleagues, and meet new and old friends. Register at http://www.unityconnect.com/SEF/Registration. See you there?

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