Speaking at Microsoft Techdays 2015 Netherlands

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On the 28th and the 29th of May there will be the annual Microsoft Techdays in the Netherlands. Techdays 2015 will be held at the World Forum in The Hague and will focus on IT-pro’s and developers. I am proud to announce to be part of the event this year. There will be a few changes to the format of the Techdays compared to last year. There will be a new session format called Ask me Anything (AMA), there will be some short inspiration sessions on the Intel Stage and there will be normal break-out sessions as you know them.

The new Ask Me Anything sessions are sessions where a group of experts will be gathered and who can be asked ‘anything’. Instead of the Ask The Expert booth there will be timeslots where specific topics can be discussed. So each AMA session will focus around a specific topic. This will help you to pick a timeslot where you can ask your questions. I will be focusing on the Dev and Cloud slots, so make sure to drop by if you have any questions. 

Besides the AMA sessions there also will be quite a few demo sessions on the Intel Stage. I will be showing Office Graph and Delve in a session on Building Solutions with Office Graph. A set of demo’s on how to use the Office Graph in your applications. Harness the power of trending content and search to provide your users with relevant content in any application.

Finally I will be doing a break-out session together with Jaap Mollema. We will be presenting on the changes in building solutions with SharePoint. From migrating Full Trust Code to the Cloud Application Model, to all the implications that will have for your projects. It will be a level 200 session to create awareness around the Cloud Application Model. As with all solutions changes are not only technical but also have functional impact, and by combining our powers Jaap and I will try to help you make your projects ready for the cloud! Obviously there will be some code and best practices, and demo’s we encountered in our projects.

I can’t wait to see you all there!

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