Slides for the TechdaysNL 2015 available

Slides for the TechdaysNL 2015 available header image

Almost a month ago I had the opportunity to speak at the Microsoft TechDays 2015 Netherlands. Together with Jaap Mollema I had the change to talk about the changes in building solutions for SharePoint. I also had the opportunity to do an inspiration session on building solutions with the Office Graph.

SharePoint – Shift Happens

A Dutch presentation on the changes that are happening when building solutions for Office 365. Together with Jaap Mollema we came up with a set of four common scenario’s we see when building solutions. Instead of just telling about the technical part we tried to deliver both a technical and functional view of what Office 365 will bring to the table. We also touched the hybrid options that are available as well.


Building Solutions with the Office Graph

A new format on the TechDays was the Intel Stage, a set of short sessions focused on inspiring people with new technologies. I had the change to do a quick introduction into Office Graph and Delve, and provided samples of the add-ins build at Mavention.


During the techdays there also where a few round table sessions where a topic was highlighted for discussions. I had the change to talk on two of those sessions on productivity with Office 365 and SharePoint. We discussed the technical changes and opportunities the cloud provides, as well as the adoption challenges we faced. The sessions where recorded and will be shared soon.

It was really awesome to be provided with the opportunity to talk about both Office Graph as well as building solutions in general. Jaap Mollema is a great colleague and we had a lot of fun preparing what we see as the future for building solutions. If you have any questions regarding the presentations we both are more than happy to chat!

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