SharePoint Online Applification on the European Office365 Connect

SharePoint Online Applification on the European Office365 Connect

The last two days I have been part of the first ever European Office 365 Connect. As expected it was a great success with two days packed of really cool Office 365 stuff. I learned a lot on and got inspired by great speakers. Yesterday I had the opportunity to give a session myself on building Apps for SharePoint Online, named SharePoint Online Applification. In this level 200 session we looked into building your first App and some of the key takeaways from the SPC14 (hint: watch the sessions on Channel9). The most important part was looking into building apps based on the Application Model Samples and some of the key concepts behind those samples. The idea of configuring, templating and branding SharePoint Online sites based on code is pretty cool to see. Basically we focused on what you as a user can do to move away from sandboxed solutions (or farm solutions for that matter) and build your stuff according the App Model principles.

The slides can be downloaded from SlideShare if you like.

If you would like to checkout all other presentations you can expect them to be on the Slide Share channel of NCCOMMS within a few days. If you have any questions regarding my presentation just give me a tweet or mail.

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  1. at 09:52

    Hi Albert-Jan,

    I have seen your presentation on Applification. I took my interest to develop an SharePoint app. I want to develop a small app to show the new emails on a SharePoint page. Do you have any idea how I can get information like the total new mails? Have you got an example or a direction where I have to look?

    Thanks in avance,


    • Albert-Jan Schot at 18:37

      Hi Marc,
      Good to hear that you took an interest in building apps after attending my session. Unfortunately there is no way of retrieving a user’s e-mails (that I know of). If you are thinking of yammer there are some Yammer API’s that allow you to retrieve information like that, but connecting to Exchange is nothing something that can be done through REST at this point.

  2. Marc at 13:29

    then I have to create it without REST. Do you, or someone how reads this reply know a way to achieve this with C#?



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