SharePoint 2007 to 2010 upgrade issue with navigation

Upgrading a SharePoint 2007 to a SharePoint 2010 environment and all options you have
is something that is handled quite well on the web, personally i love this
on how to do it, but there are several other posts out there making it pretty
easy. However I ran into a ‘small’ bug upgrading.

I have a SharePoint farm containing some info, and a Dutch language pack, thus I recreated
the same environment as a SharePoint 2010 containing a Dutch language pack, and using
a database upgrade. And as you can see in the picture below, there are no errors,
and adding the content DB went well as expected.


However, the results when looking at in the browser where kind of sad:

Foutmelding menu

After a long search on the web someone mentioned turning off and on the Publication
Infrastructure for SharePoint, turning it of resolved the issue, but turning it on
again instantly returned it. So I found myself struggling with the issue for another
day not being able to find the exact bug, but nice fix.

Apparently the Menu control expects a /paginas library that contains the pages, but
it isn’t there, so it throws an error, since I didn't want to change my farm to much
I created a small PowerShell scripts that would fix the error.

The result is a working site:

Werkend menu

Script 1 – Creating Libraries

  1: [Void][System.Reflection.Assembly]::LoadWithPartialName
  2:   ("Microsoft.SharePoint")
  3: [Void][System.Reflection.Assembly]::LoadWithPartialName
  4:   ("Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing")
  6: function CheckaWeb($rootweb)
  7: {
  8:   #Step 1 Check For Lists
  9:   $list = $rootweb.Lists[$from];
 10:   if($list
-ne $null) {createList $rootweb $list}
 12:   #Check for subwebs
 13:   if($rootweb.Webs
-ne $null)
 14:   {
 15:     # Recursive Call To SubWeb
 16:     foreach($web in $rootweb.Webs)
 17:     {
 18:        CheckAWeb $web
 19:     }
 20:   }
 21: }
 24: function createList ($web, $list)
 25: {
 26:   Write-Host -ForegroundColor Green
 27:           " Found a web containing a PageList on url" $web.Url
 29:   $web.Lists.Add("Paginas",
 30:             "Automatisch gegenereerde bibliotheek voor 
 31:              SharePoint 2010 upgrade", 101) 
 32: }
 35: Write-Host ""
 36: Write-Host -ForegroundColor Green
 37:     "Fix Dutch SharePoint 2010 Upgrade Script v1.0 - Albert-Jan Schot "
 38: Write-Host -ForegroundColor Green
 39:     "contact"
 40: Write-Host ""
 42: $site=new-object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSite('')
 43: $from = "Pagina's"
 45: Write-Host -f Blue ""
 47: CheckaWeb $site.Rootweb $true
 49: Write-Host ""
 50: Write-Host -f Blue "Done checkin webs"
 51: Write-Host ""

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