Passing the Yammer Administrator exam

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After passing the Yammer Power User exam exam not so long ago, we decided that we that the Yammer Administrator Certification course could be of some use as well. So Marcel van der Lem and I decided that it be time to study for that one. Now Yammer also announced a Yammer Developer Certification that looks pretty cool, but that one isn’t out yet.

The Yammer Administrator exam focuses on the administration and configuration of a Yammer network, so make sure you are a network administrator or verified administrator before signing up for the exam. If you are not, you can of course sign up for a free version, but keep in mind that most of the options will only come with a enterprise plan.

If you are preparing for the exam you should really look into the following resources, as they explain a whole lot of the topics touched in the exam and helped me prepping (and passing) they exam without much hassle:

If you have no experience with stuff like the SSO and Directory Sync topics, you should really invest a few hours of your time setting it up to get some experience and basic understanding of the concept. If you do have experience with those things it will most likely be sufficient to just read up on them guides. Now the only thing that there is not really a guide for, but that you should look into will be the ‘Third Party Applications’, as users are allowed to install them by default (you can of course disable that), you should have a basic grasp on what those apps can do and what data they can access.

Good luck preparing for your exam!

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