Office Servers and Services MVP 2016 Award

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Another year as MVP! Just back from the MSIgnite and making plans for the next year and being slightly jetlagged I received the e-mail that I am rewarded my the MVP 2016 award. Even though it is the 3th time it still feels humbling to be rewarded for something that is so awesome to do. At the MSIgnite they did hand out some swag, so I also managed to get my very first mvp-mug ;-).

MVP Swag from Ignite 2016

Being an MVP enables me to do even more in the community. Where the best part of it is to share and discuss ideas. Being challenged to push the limits of the tech as well as the business really makes my day. And like last year it also means that I will have the opportunity to visit the MVP Summit. Having the opportunity to chat with both the guys that actually build the tech we are working with as well as meeting MVP’s from all around the globe.

As the Ignite has made clear Microsoft is still investing heavily in the cloud (both Azure as Office 365). It will be interesting to see what will come this year and how we will be able to build against the Microsoft stack.


Being renewed as an MVP comes at the same day that I also have my work anniversary; it has been my 4th year at Mavention already. Over the last year I had a lots of opportunities working on awesome projects and clients. Including spending time to do stuff in the community. Working at Mavention has enabled me to share almost everything I do with all of you both through sessions as well as through blog posts. Though I should probably do a few more of those… I can only hope that the upcoming year will be as awesome as the last year.

If you want to know more about the MVP program you can simply checkout the MVP site. Alternatively or you can just chat me up and Ill be more than happy to answer your questions.

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