Office Apps & Services MVP 2021

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A bit of a weird year this has been, with the whole COVID situation. Yet one positive note is being renewed as an Office Apps and Services MVP for another year. I can’t help but keep being amazed by the community I am part of. So many inspiring people share their knowledge and vision on technology and life.

PnP Community

Being an MVP means sharing your insights with the community and with Microsoft. That does however result in also working as an active member on the Patterns & Practices initiative. A collection of tools and guidance meant to help you extend Microsoft 365 to your needs following best practices. The PnP team is a virtual team consisting of Microsoft employees and community members focused on helping the community make the best use of Microsoft products.

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Hopefully the coming year allows me to finally attend some events again, not just remote but also in person. I can’t wait to meet up with so many of you again. Time to brainstorm new initiatives, improvements to the CLI or just to chat up on how life has been for the past months. And for as long as there are lock downs make sure to keep hanging in there!

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