Office Apps & Services MVP 209 award

Office Apps & Services MVP 209 award header image

I received the awesome news that I have been re-awarded my fifth MVP award for my contributions in the community. The Office Apps & Services 2019 award. And while you know what you can expect from the program, the thrill of being awarded never gets old. It is an honor to be awarded, and I couldn’t be happier for getting the opportunity to work with such a great community. I would like to thank all of my colleagues for their input, Microsoft for the great technology and the community for continuously challenging me. I can only say that being inspired and challenged to push the products to their boundaries and work with epic technology is one of the best feelings you can get!

So it looks like I get to visit the mothership during the MVP Summit one more time. Each year I had the opportunity to visit and it is a very inspiring event. The fact that you can learn from the Project Group that builds the stuff I get to use on a daily base is amazing. I can only hope this year will be as good as the last! Meeting with so many MVP’s from around the globe! Especially with the changes to O365 and the ongoing investments in the cloud, security and AI I am sure will be another inspiring year.

You can learn more about the MVP program on the MVP site, or just shoot me a question.

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