New version of Mavention Anniversaries in the Office Store

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A while ago we released the first version of the Mavention Anniversaries. In this first version all anniversaries of the current and the upcoming month where shown to the users. This way of rendering however resulted in some confusing behavior. Lets say John Doe has a 4th year anniversary the 2nd of the month, and you would open the app on the 5th it would still show the 4 year anniversary while you could argue that his anniversary will be ‘next year’ and should be his 5th year anniversary rather then the 4th.

Now from a technical point of view it all made sense, however some users found it confusing that they saw ‘old’ anniversaries and there was now visual way of telling whether an anniversary was passed or not. After some discussion we decided that the best way was to update the app with a version that would make it visible for the end user that the anniversary was passed. For that reason we did release a new version of the Mavention Anniversaries where any passed anniversary is no longer shown, so whenever you open the Mavention Anniversaries you will see all anniversaries of this and the upcoming month and there will be a distinction between future anniversaries and previous anniversaries. By making the passed ones slightly gray it will be visible for all users that this person had his anniversary but that it might have been a few days ago since the festivities took place. So even though you might have missed someone’s anniversary because you had a holiday you will still be able to catch up and get in touch.

If you already have a version of the Mavention Anniversaries installed, all you need to do is update the app. You can find a short description on updating an app on MSDN How to: Update apps for SharePoint. If you install a new version you still need to configure it as described in the app or in this previous blog: Mavention Anniversaries available in the Office Store

You can find the Mavention Anniversaries in the Office Store, or checkout all Apps by Mavention.

Tip: Use the Mavention Profile Completeness to encourage users to keep their profile up-to-date, and show your users the latest birthday information with the Mavention Birthdays!

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