New blog theme on cloudappie

New blog theme on cloudappie header image

As you might have noticed this blog has a new theme. Inspired by the new look and feel of Oslo as presented at the SPC14 and way latest design on the Office blog I decided it was time to redesign the blog I had been using for quite a while. Being triggered by the nice responsive way they represent the Office Blogs I did some digging into available templates for Word press.

Eventually I ended up with a list of quite a few theme’s and templates that are focused on being responsive and represents the content in a pretty visual way.

Eventually I ended up by using the Fabulous template with some minor modifications to show links and some accent colors as purple. Other then that I haven’t change much though I guess I need to update the about page a bit and provide a somewhat better menu. All in all there are some great theme’s that you can use for your blog and they are all fairly easy to use.

If you have any feedback on the way it looks just let me know, and ill try to improve the layout.

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