MVP 2022, M365 Development and M365 Apps & Services

MVP 2022, M365 Development and M365 Apps & Services header image

A bit belayed due to some maintenance I just received the awesome news that I have been re-awarded my eight MVP award. This time its a double take; both for M365 Development and M365 Apps & Services, so double the excitement of being awarded 🥳.

Somethings never get old, and its an honor to be awarded. Working with so many awesome people in the community and at Microsoft truly makes most of my work awesome. And being part of Blis Digital, it is great to see so many enthusiastic colleagues pitch in with ideas. Or just building cool stuff with new technology. One can only hope that the speed of new stuff doesn’t increase further 🔥.

PnP Community

Being an MVP means sharing your insights with the community and with Microsoft. That does however result in also working as an active member on the Patterns & Practices initiative. A collection of tools and guidance meant to help you extend Microsoft 365 to your needs following best practices. It is inspiring and sometimes a bit scary to talk to so many smart people building all the awesome tools out there!


Up to another year with some great opportunities and hopefully a little less Covid so we can keep having in person events. Time to brainstorm new initiatives, improvements to the CLI or just to chat up on how life has been for the past year(s). One thing I am looking forward to is the CollabDaysNL so I hope to see many of you there!

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