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Mavention Profilecompleteness in the Office Store

Mavention Profilecompleteness in the Office Store header image

As pointed out in my previous post about the Profilecompleteness I had submitted it to the Office Store. Since it was my first app I had no clue on the process and how long it would take. As it turns out it all is pretty straight forward, submitting the app just requires some screenshots and a small text and that’s it (assuming you have the appropriate account). After submitting the app you get a response whether your app has been approved or not. And as it turned out my first version had some problems with Internet Explorer 8, so I made some small improvements before submitting it again.

So this new version has some small imrpovements besides the fact that it is working in Internet Explorer 8, we now also show a message whenever the app part is not configured instead of just showing the 100%, and some of the JavaScript calls have ben optimized a bit. Other then that I was pretty proud to have my first app approved in the store. You can find all the Mavention Apps in the store or use download it direct.

Please let me know what you think and I can’t wait to submit the next version ..

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