Mavention Profile Completeness Update

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Yet another update for the Mavention Profile Completeness app has just been approved to the Office Store. With this update the focus was to improve the options available for configuring the app part. While the last update was all about getting data of your colleagues visible in the completeness bar. The new update introduced a few new configuration options.

Profile Completeness Apppart options

The first new option that is introduced allows for direct editing of a profile. By showing an edit link users are enabled to directly navigate to their profile. By allowing them to navigate to the edit mode of their profile it becomes easier to update a profile, and achieve that 100% completeness. The edit link will only show up on your own profile. When visiting profiles of colleagues the link will not show up, and you will not be able to edit their profile.

Another new option allows to hide complete bars. When your users achieve 100% there might not be need to confront them with that every day. You can now easily hide the bar once it is completed. That way your users are not required to see their bar stuck on 100% as that adds no value. If the configuration is changed and more properties are added the users are automatically presented with a incomplete bar if their profile is no longer complete.

The third and last new option allows you to show the last modification date for a profile. Showing the last modified date of to the users reminds them to actively validate their completeness and will help them in keeping their profile up to date. To present the users with this type of data, the app does require a working search service application. Without a working search the last modified date can be turned on but will not show any data.

You can download the the Mavention Profile Completeness from the Office Store or checkout all Apps by Mavention

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