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Almost over a year ago we released the first version of Mavention Birthdays. Since then we released a few updates that added some new functionality like presence information and design tweaks. If you have any feedback or requests make sure to [let us know it][4]

One of the challenges with installing the app is that it is not a single click install though. It require some configuration to get the search to return the values the app requires. With the Office Store it is fairly easy to get the app, but configuring the search might be hard if you do not have some experience with SharePoint, or Office 365.

As it turns out [Webucator][5] created a training video that walks you through the complete process of installing and configuring the app. So if you are installing the app you can use this video to configure your environment. It provides a step-by-step video based on the instructions that are available in the app itself. It is a great resource for anyone who would like some additional insights into installing the Mavention Birthdays app.

Watch the video, or watch the training on YouTube.

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