Mavention Balsamiq template for Delve

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Using mockups is a great way to quickly visualize concepts that you are working on, and even though as a developer you might not use them often they could help you when explaining ideas to anyone. And for creating wireframes quickly Balsamiq is a great tool. Whether it is another developer that you try to explain the concept of your app to, or a customer that needs to grasp the complete project by a set of wireframes. So there are Balsamiq templates for SharePoint 2010 and of course there is a Balsamiq template for SharePoint 2013 as well.

With Delve Office 365 got enriched with new capabilities and a new concept called cards. And while the concept of cards itself is not new for everyone it hasn’t been seen in Office 365. So if you are considering working with cards, or building custom apps based on the Office Graph you should be considering the use of these cards, as they are a great way to visualize the documents and provide a good looking interface! In order to visualize such an interface, we build a Balsamiq template so you only have to modify the cards to visualize a Delve homepage.

The Mavention Balsamiq template for Delve is a simple template that you can use to visualize a Delve homepage if you do not have a demo available, or can be used to create your own apps that use a card like visualization of data.

Mavention Balsamiq template for Delve

The template contains several elements and the most important ones like the cards and the Office 365 suitebar are grouped together allowing easy editing. All available renderings of the cards are available (Modified / viewed), and you can easily implement your data.

You can download the Mavention Balsamiq template for Delve and if there is anything missing please let us know!

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