jQuery Pager Update

A while ago I posted an custom version of a jQuery Pager, and the code of it. I was

pretty stunned by the amount of hits that post got, so apparently its quite a hot


However I found out that copying the code wasn’t so easy, and besides that there was

a minor ‘bug’. With more then 10 pages the regex always stripped out only the first

digid, redirecting the pages 10-19 to the first page, and 20-29 to the 2nd, and so


So hereby a new version (a zip this time), containing the fix: [jquery.tablesorter.pager.zip

(1,6 KB)]1

You can still use the following code to apply paging:

 1: <ul id="pager" class="pagination">

 2: <li><a href="" class="first">first</a></li>

 3: <li><a href="" class="previous">previous</a></li>

 4: <li><span class="pagedisplay"></span></li>

 5: <li><a href="" class="next">next</a></li>

 6: <li><a href="" class="last">last</a></li>

 7: </ul>