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How to generate XML for Colligo

How to generate XML for Colligo header image

Colligo allows you to sync SharePoint lists

and libraries to your computer, and since Office 2003 won’t recognize memberships

pulled from a SharePoint 2007 environment by default, one of your customers choose

this tool to have a save-as functionality option in Office 2003. The idea was to auto

generate the xml file that is readable by Colligo so each user would have a set of

sites to save to.

First things first, the documentation on how you can create such an xml file can be

found here

and a demo xml file can be found here (xsd

can be found here).

Knowing that makes it pretty easy to generate the xml you require. Two things to keep

in mind:

  • Don’t use comments in your XML file, Colligo just won’t import it.

  • If you auto generate the xml multiple times, make sure to delete the file after Colligo

    imported it, otherwise it tries to import it again (and fails) the next time you start


So creating XML files for Colligo made easy.

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