Global AI Bootcamp 2019

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Last week the Global AI Bootcamp was held in 130 locations all over the world! Together with my colleague Rutger Knijnenburg I had the opportunity to give a talk there. And I must admit it was awesome. A quick recap from our session and our slides. All about Using AI to classify your SharePoint Data. We prepped our talk based on the following abstract.

Using AI to classify your SharePoint Data

So you might have heard of Project Cortex, allowing you to auto-tag information in SharePoint and extract knowledge from your content. But what if you can’t wait for the preview? Or you are in an on-premises scenario? You can use the Azure Cognitive services directly from your SharePoint on-premises environment! In this session, you will learn how you can extend your on-premises data in SharePoint with the different cognitive services Azure offers, including Azure Text Analytics and LUIS.

We both have worked on a project that did exactly this, so it was a great customer case to present. And while I blogged about it before prepping slides always gives a bit more depth to talk. You can read the blog on Using AI to classify your SharePoint Data.

Train online, run locally

But as there were some interesting announcements at the Ignite 2019 about Project Cortex we extended our talk a bit. We walked through the options you have to train your AI model in the cloud and run it locally. An interesting approach if you are looking to classify data that for reasons is not allowed in the cloud. By doing so you can achieve the AI power you have in Azure even for on-premises dataset. You can even achieve some of the auto-tagging that was demoed at the Ignite in an on-premises SharePoint environment.

Good memories

We had a lot of fun preparing our slides, and of course delivering the talk! Feel free to browse our slides and let me know if you have any questions!

And during the day a lot of cool pictures where shot. You can find the photos of the event on Flickr.

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