ESPC22: networking, workshops, and fun in Copenhagen!

ESPC22: networking, workshops, and fun in Copenhagen! header image

The European SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure Conference (ESPC22) recently took place in Copenhagen, Denmark and it was an incredible event full of networking, workshops, and fun! This year, we had the privilege of presenting a workshop on how to use AI in Microsoft 365 with low-code, Viva Topics, Syntex, and Azure Cognitive Services. And once again we also had the opportunity to connect with fellow Microsoft 365 professionals, learn from industry experts, and gain valuable insights into the latest trends in the field. Still buzzing from the event a few remarks!

Workshop on AI in Microsoft 365

The title for our workshop was Allow AI to become Employee of the Month using M365 and Azure. And our goal was to help you to take your business to the next level by leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence and cloud computing! We started with you a thorough overview of the current AI landscape. And we focussed on out-of-the-box solutions for Microsoft 365 as well as guidance through custom development techniques. And with demo’s we made sure you could learn how to use AI systems to increase engagement with employees and automate mundane tasks, freeing up time for those that need more attention. We wrapped up our workshop with the building blocks required to use Azure Cognitive services or build intelligent chatbots used.

For me the biggest eyeopener during our workshop was the idea behind fusion skills. Having AI skills and business skills is a must, but also having the ability to combine these skills is key. And this is where the fusion skills come in. And this is something that I will definitely keep in mind for the future! I saw some great demo’s by Thommy, Rick and Stephan where these concepts clicked, both tools already out there and solutions you can build yourself. Given the hype around ChatGPT that totally makes sense!

If you ever want to discuss these topics let us know! We are still looking at doing some more recordings for SelectedTech we are always up for a challenge and chat 🔥.


Since it was a while we had our last physical event or conference it was awesome to catch up with new and old friends again. Discussing the latest trends, sharing experiences and learning from each other. What struck me most was the amount of people that were interested in our workshop or AI in general. And I think that is a great sign for the future of AI in Microsoft 365. I am looking forward to the next event where we can meet again and discuss these topics in person!

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