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Last night I had the opportunity to speak at the DIWUG. In this developers focused session I did a session on building apps with the Office Graph.  We had a look at Delve as an showcase for Office Graph and at the Office Graph Query Langue. It was a great event and I am grateful for the change to speak there again, and to meet up with the community. 

Over the last few months we build quite a few apps at Mavention that leverages the Office Graph. In this session we had a look at some of those apps and how they use the Office Graph. As all of them are using the Graph Query Language the session focused on the Graph Query Language basics and how those queries can be executed.

You can download or view the presentation on my SlideShare Developing Apps with Office Graph

As the user group session is a Dutch community event the introduction slides are Dutch. However all queries that where shown can be used on any environment. To show the queries I used the Mavention Office Graph Query Tester that can be downloaded for free in the Office Store.

You can find a great reference on all the available edges (action id’s) on MSDN: Query the Office Graph using GQL.

If you are considering setting up an environment for demo purposes I used the Microsoft Office Demos site. Partners can use this site to create 90 day tenants that can be used to showcase Office 365. One of the capabilities is that you can use Delve from those tenants. As Delve (and the Office Graph) get provisioned with content you don’t have to worry about signals as that all has been taken care of. One thing to keep in mind that after the tenant got created it can take up to 48 hours before Delve becomes available. This is due to the processing of signals.

If you have any questions regarding the Office Graph or other Office 365 stuff just hit me up.

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