Colleagues and the Mavention Profile Completeness

Colleagues and the Mavention Profile Completeness header image

Over the course of the last few months we have seen quite some downloads of the Mavention Profile Completeness. All those downloads led us to review the app once again and we decided that it would be cool to not only show your own progress but also provide some insights in the progress others made. Seeing the profile of others, and their progress, will most likely trigger you to make sure you stay ahead and keep your profile up to date.

So I am proud to announce that we just released a new version of the app that allows not only for analyzing the completeness of ones profile, but also to identify the completeness of other users. In the new version it is possible to add the Mavention Profile Completeness app part to the profile page on One Drive. If you visit your own page you will still see your own progress, however visiting the profile pages of your colleagues will present their progress.

If you are curious on how we decide how much completeness is achieved we added some logging. If you open your favorite developer toolbar in the browser you like to use you can use the console to see what properties are retrieved, what the total weight and what the calculated weight will be. So if you are experiencing some unexpected results, or are missing values you can use this view to identify any problems with the profile that gets processed.

The Mavention Profile Completeness app will use the same logic as SharePoint to identify someone else profile, so on any page that will act as a profile page the App Part will automatically show the progress of that profile. You can easily test that by adding a query string parameter with the name: accountname to the URL. If you do so you will see that it will be processed accordingly, by adding ?accountname=maven%5Cwaldek%2Emastykarz (or visiting his profile page) the Mavention Profile Completeness App now will process the profile of Waldek instead of my own profile, and calculate the progress based on his profile.

Obviously the ‘account name’ part should contain a valid account name. If you would pass an invalid account name the App will not render any information, as it is intended to be used on the users profile page.

Download the the Mavention Profile Completeness from the Office Store or checkout all Apps by Mavention, as there are quite a few other cool apps we released!

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