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It has been a while since I last blogged, and I couldn’t be happier with the new Open Live Writer. Open Live Writer [Link] is the open source version of the once beloved Live Writer. I have been using Live Writer as a writer ever since I started blogging so having an open source alternative that will be updated is pretty awesome.

Once of the things I used to do with the Live Writer is to change the location of the drafts and published post. I just loved to save my drafts to OneDrive to make sure that I had a back-up of drafts the drafts I was working on. Changing them was a matter of adding a registry key. You can find more info on How to Change Where Windows Live Writer Saves Posts on Your PC.

With Open Live Writer you can achieve the same! Just use the regedit and navigate to the following key (as you can see it is slightly different from the Live Writer location):


Simply add a new string value PostsDirectory with the path to your required directory as the data. I just set mine to my OneDrive sync location making sure that any and all drafts are also saved to the cloud. The most awesome part is that as Open Live Writer has it’s code base from Live Writer itself it recognizes the schema that was used for drafts and published post and once the location is set it will show all your old drafts and published posts.

Registry Editor Open Live Writer post directory

Once you have set the post directory and you restart your Open Live Writer you can start writing posts and save them. Each post will be a new wpost file that gets automatically synced to OneDrive.

Open Live Writer drafts saved to OneDrive

Obviously you can use other sync locations as well to save to either OneDrive for Business or Dropbox, or whatever cloud location you use, as long as it has a local path that you can add..

Happy blogging!

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