Basic Search – Display Different Columns

So another minor post about search. Last post
I explained the use of metadata property mappings, and their strength allowing you
to show more information without a lot of changes. However I forgot to mention the
fact that u can actually show them pretty easy in your existing search results.

Assuming you created your Metadata properties
you can go to your search page, the XSLT of your resultswebpart to:








(More info on that on a previous
on this blog) .

Next step will be a minor change in Results
Query Options, here you will have a property for Selected Columns, editing it will
show you the normal columns used in your search results before the end </Columns>
you can easily add a new <Column Name=”YourMetaDataProperty” />. By using the
above XLST you can save the page search, and check real-time whether your column exists
and contains information.

You might have to play with capitalization
a bit, ‘cause sometimes the column name differs from the metadata property.

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